Google has suddenly tightened up its anti Spam policies and they require that emails sent from systems like ours which automatically generate emails have an SPF Sender Policy Framework on their Domain. This sounds way more complicated that it is!

Google can differentiate when an email is generated by a human and when it is generated by a machine, so it passes your regular emails to your customers and they do not bounce - but our machine generated ones are sometimes rejected as spam

When Google starts processing our email it checks our published DNS entry, to see if the SPF is in place - which it is

The email inviting your customers to sign a document are sent out from and to back this up we have a simple line of code input into our DNS record with our internet provider, Ionos, which says…

v=spf1 ~all

Because the outbound email is sent by us on your behalf and includes your email as a return path

you too need an SPF Sender Policy Framework on your Domain. Your one will be unique to you, the one above is just an example.

Having said that we have found that some customers have had to add our SPF record to theirs. We are not sure why and investigations are ongoing.

This is a five minute job for an IT professional. They log onto your internet host, go to the DNS settings and add a line similar to the one above. See screenshot below. My provider did it for me free with a single phone call.

Hopefully this is enough to give to whoever does your IT but if you want clarification do please call on 01908 699840 or email

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